Hummer Dealer

We can deliver your vehicle anywhere in the continental United States.

    Do you sell new Hummers under MSRP?
    Yes, all Internet based sales of Hummers are under MSRP.

    What about brand new models, like the SUT?
    Yes, that applies even to SUTs.

    How is that possible?
    In our opinion, if you sell 100 discounted Hummers, the numbers work better for us rather than selling 10 Hummers at full MSRP.

    Where are you located?
    We are located in Southern California (San Diego specifically).

    What if I don't live near the dealership?
    All paperwork can be done via fax, and we can have your vehicle delivered.

    I am local, can I pick up my vehicle or test drive a vehicle?
    Yes, of course.

    I see some Hummer websites with old stock and/or prices. Are your inventory pages up to date?
    Yes, the inventory you see on this website is updated every 24 hours. It includes vehicles physically at our location as well as in-bound vehicles from the factory. In fact, we have a slick inventory system that lets you easily filter out vehicles you aren't interested in. For example, you can view just white H2s with a luxury package or any white 2006 H2.

    I checked your inventory, and I don't see the exact vehicle I'm looking for.
    Request a quote for a "close" vehicle, and describe what you are looking for specifically within the notes. In most cases we can locate your perfect vehicle.

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